Agron Shehaj is running for Chairman of the DP (Democrat Party). Why should we vote for him to lead the Party for the next four years? What is the difference between him and the current leader, Luzlim Basha? Let’s look at them both.

Luzlim Basha has been entrenched inside the Party from 2005 when, after the DP won the elections, he was nominated Minister of Public Works. In 2007 he was selected to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs, until his next appointment as Minister of Interior in 2009.  In 2011 he was elected Mayor of Tirana and served as such until 2015. All this under the Berisha government. After the defeat of the Democrat Party-led coalition in the 2013 elections, Sali Berisha resigned as party leader and Basha was elected as Chairman of the DP – July 23, 2013. Eight years ago!

I won’t go into his full CV, that can be easily found online. What I am going to say is that the biggest mistake Basha made during his term as Chairman of the DP was that on February 18, 2019, he made the decision to burn his mandate for office and give up his position as Head of the Democrat Party in Parliament. That’s correct….HE GAVE UP HIS POSITION AS HEAD OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! Following him were 41 other Members of Parliament, thus leaving Parliament essentially in the hands of the ruling Socialist Party.

In the USA this would be absurd. Imagine 41 Congressmen or Senators up and leaving the Chambers declaring that they no longer wish to represent their constituents, because that, in fact, is exactly what happened here and for the next two years, until the elections of April 2021, anyone who voted for the DP in 2017, was left without a voice in Parliament. No representation! Thereby allowing the ruling party, the Socialist Party, to rule as they pleased, not having any opposition, and so they did. It’s only natural. And this, my friends, is the number one reason why he is no longer qualified to be the voice of the Party: what he did, of his own free will, without asking YOU! He was purely motivated by his own pride and self-assurance that what he was doing was the right thing and was thoroughly convinced that he would come out on top. Well, he didn’t, fast forward to the elections of April 25, 2021. Beside, he decided to ‘GIVE UP HIS POSITION AS HEAD OF THE DP‘.

Why Agron Shehaj? He was a 13 year old boy who in 1991, along with his family, was part of the exodus to the West. After the fall of communism, Shehaj, who himself comes from a family once persecuted by the communists, arrived in Italy and along with his family started a new life. A new beginning. His time in Italy would develop his love and appreciation for the freedom of which all of Albania was deprived for almost fifty years. Agron Shehaj is a humble man, who through education, intelligence and hard work has become one of the most successful businessmen in Albania.

He is an entrepreneur, with an acumen for successful enterprises. After returning to his beloved Albania in 2005 he quickly climbed the ladder of success in the telemarketing field becoming a leader in the international market, founding IDS, the largest telemarketing company in Albania. He donates to many charities, least of which is the Downsyndrome Albania Association. He co-founded, with Uran Butka, the Institute of Historical Studies ‘Lumo Skëndo’. In 2018 he founded which focuses on the collective memory of Albania, for the communist period 1945-1991, through a new and comprehensive approach: close cooperation with citizens using technology and new communication opportunities. In short, Agron Shehaj is not a career politician. He began his political career in 2017 and has made his way to winning a mandate for the DP in this year’s elections. He is a great contributor to Albania’s economy; makes great cultural and historical contributions through his foundations; continuously donates to worthy charities and more.

He has a clear plan for the DP, should he win the leadership position. His message is simple: “I got into politics for the people.” Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about. US, the PEOPLE! Not getting rich off the poor population you are trying to serve. Not favoritism for government tenders. No burning your mandate and leaving your constituents out to dry for two years! That’s not what the people want or need.

They need someone who is going to look out after their best interest. Someone who will speak on their behalf, their problems. They need someone who understands the crimes of the past and is ready to deal with them, openly and honestly. They need a voice for all those voices who suffered death, imprisonment, concentration camps and torture for almost 50 years.

They need a man who is not beholden to anyone; not politically, not financially, not socially. They need an honest, fresh, concise and humble man to lead them to a new era. They need AGRON SHEHAJ!

Bianca M. Gjomarkaj


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