Tave Kosi Me Mish Genji – Baked Lamb with Yogurt



Talumba – Fried Pastry with Syrup



Qofte te Ferguara – Albanian Fried Meatballs




Meze – Appetizers




Tartor – Yogurt and Cucumber Soup







Pastice – Baked Macaroni




15 thoughts on “Recipes

    1. Bianca Gjomarkaj Nakovics

      It’s delicious. You really should try it! you can leave the spinach out and just make it with the cheese….yummy!

  1. RedHare22

    You can make byrek with a lot of different fillings. My in-laws make it with egg and cheese, beans and my husbands favorite, tomato sauce and onion.

  2. Charlene

    During lent, my mother used to make lakror with oil instead of butter and filling with sauerkraut and another with tomato and onions………they were vegetarian and yummy! She also substituted leeks (presh) instead of spinach…and that is delicious too (and made her dough from scratch)

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