Social life in Albania is a necessity. Drinking coffee in a bar is the first commandment of Albanian social life. A time to chat, to meet-up with friends, discuss current events, especially politics.

Another great aspect of social life in Albania is the cultural events. Artisan markets, art galleries, theater, musical festivals, etc.

Below you will find some interesting videos and articles relating to Albania’s social existence. Enjoy!

Leonard Mark Guga is a native of Shkodra. He is my neighbor and a wonderful artist. He is part of the Theater Migjieni group in Shkoder and frequently performs there. He also moonlights as a singer for events and at local restaurants. This video was created by Leonard to entertain his fellow citizens during the current COVID-19 crisis. He is wearing a traditional Albanian costume, specific to the city of Shkodra, while singing traditional Albanian songs. Enjoy!


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