Who is Discovering Albania?

My name is Bianca Gjomarkaj-Nakovics, I was born in Rome, Italy to an Albanian father and Italian mother. I, along with my family, emigrated to the USA in 1971 where I completed my formal education. My husband Vince, a retired US Navy Chief, and I decided to move to my father’s homeland in 2012 after our retirement.

We have been living in Shkoder, in the north of Albania ever since and have come to appreciate the country, its people and culture.

Albania has a long history and a lot to offer, and through this website I hope to share some of that beauty and history with you.



2 thoughts on “Who is Discovering Albania?

  1. Hi Bianca, you have an insightful website.

    I first visited Albania back in 2006 and fell in love. My husbands family are in Shoker and we visit twice a year, his parents come and stay with use for a few months during winter. This beautiful place is a forgotten land and there are so many adventures to be had. I am so pleased that it has featured within the top 10 ‘Countries to visit’ for the last couple of years by big travel influences.

    I have a passion to bring the Albanian cuisine to the UK and help educate people on how to make traditional Albanian recipes as they would taste when in Albania. I’ve cooked so many dishes and it’s taken a while to get them just right but it’s worth it – the food is amazing!

    Albania is an amazing place with hidden treasures and love seeing that tourism is picking up.

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