New President Elected in Albania!

Bujar Nishani's profile<br />

New President Elected in Albania!

A new president was elected today in Albania. This comes as good news. Mr. Nishani is from Durres. He completed his post-graduate studies in the USA in 1996, and from 2000-2004 studied in Tirana’s Law Faculty. His has a Masters in European studies. He began his professional career in 1998, as professor at the “Skenderbej” Military Academy. In 1993, he was a specialist of external relations with the Ministry of Defense and in 1994 a specialist of relations with NATO at the Foreign Ministry, returning one year later to the Minister of Defense position. After 1997 he worked as a freelancer until 2007, when he became Minister of Interior. Two years later he became Minister of Justice and returned as Minister of Interior in 2011. He has been a member of the Democratic Party since 1991 and member of the National Council of his party. Mr. Nishani is married to Odeta and they have two children.


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