Kuvend Letrash Me Miqte



This book has just been published by OMSCA-1 in Tirana. It is a collection of letters dating from 1944-1958 between Mustafa Kruja, Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni, Kapidan Ndue Gjomarkaj and Zef. V. Nekaj. The book is very interesting, giving insight to the continuing struggle to free Albania by a group of national leaders living in exile. It is truly a labor of love by Eugjen Merlika, grandson of Mustafa Kruja. The book can be purchased from OMSCA-1 Rr. Frederick Shiroka, Kutia Postare: 8298,Tirane 2012. Tel 2 2336 48, email:omsca@abissnet.al.


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