Rodoni Castle

The Rodoni Castle is located on Cape Rodon. Prince Karl Topia wanted to transform this place into a shipyard, while the Albanian national hero, Skanderbeg, built a castle there in order to have easy access to the sea. The construction of the castle started after the first siege of Kruja, in 1450. It is thought to have been finished around 1452. The walls of the Rodoni Castle were 400 metres long and there were towers in each of the four corners. In 1500 the castle was taken over by the Venetians. As a result of the corrosive action of the sea waves, some of the walls are now under the waters of the Adriatic. Today the visitors can see the outer walls on the right side and the tower at the place they intersect. Close to the castle are the ruins of Saint Peter’s Church, now considered a holy place.



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