Skanderbeg’s Sword and Helmet Return to Albania

Tirana – 422 years after being brought to Vienna, according to an ancient inventory that exists since 1590, the helmet and sword of our national hero, George Kastriot Skanderbeg, will be brought to Tirana. All those who have not seen them in the Art History Museum in Vienna or as it is known, the “Kunsthinstorisches Museum”, Skanderbeg’s symbols will be seen in the National Historic Museum where they will be exhibited for several months.

A special delegation of this museum, one of the most prominent in the whole world, has seen the conditions and the climate in our museum and has decided that they will bring the symbols in November.

“We have come to see the conditions where the objects will be exhibited and everything is perfect. We will bring a new showcase for the security and climate and they will be exhibited for three months, but if there’s interest, we can leave them for another three months,” said Christian Beaufort, the head of the delegation from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Together with the sword and helmet, the Middle Age art gallery will send one of the fort original portraits of Skanderbeg.

“We have four original portraits from the XVI century, part of the Habsburg collection. It is valuable to bring one of the portraits for exhibition in Tirana, because, from what I have seen, there is no original portrait of Skanderbeg from the Middle Ages,” said Sylvia Ferino, Director of the Middle Ages Gallery in Kynsthistorisches Museum.

The cost of bringing the sword and helmet in Albania is still undetermined and will be paid by the Albanian government. In 2004, the socialist government made attempts to bring them forever in Albania, a pretense totally excluded by the Viennese. (Albanian Screen)


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