A Historic Walk in Northern Albania: A Project by Father Giuseppe Valentini SJ

In 1941 – 1942 the publishing house DISTAPTUR of Tirana had planned to publish a book of the great albanolog SJ Father Giuseppe Valentini, which collected his articles published in the journal of the Albanian tourism “spindles”.

Historic Walking in Upper Albania: a project of Father Giuseppe Valentini SJ

The book was to be published, like its predecessors by the same publisher, in the Italian and Albanian languages.

The book was accompanied by numerous illustrations of the places described in the text along with the most important monuments. Some of the photographs were from the famous photo studio of Kel Marrubi, while the majority are the work of professional photographers.

Unfortunately, the events of 1942 – 1943 suspended the initiative, but fortunately the original photographs were saved in a private archive, some of which were reproduce in this short article.

It’s expected – in the coming months – that Albania News will publish the articles of the Father Valentini which were published monthly in the magazine, and which are of particular historical interest.

As seen on the map above, the book would describe in particular Scutari (Shkoder) and its provinces, Drishti, Laci and Lesh finishing in Tirana.

We’re showing a preview of the draft cover of the book along with some illustrations which were to accompany the book.

Alessio - Porta meridionale del castello (foto Studio Marubi)

Alessio – South Gate of the Castle Rozafa (foto Studio Marubi)

Scutari - il bazar guardando verso il castello

Shkoder – The Bazaar facing Castle Rozafa

Interno di una casa albanese in campagnaInterior of a house in the Albanian Countryside

Scutari - chiesa veneziana all'interno del castelloSouth Gate at Rozafa Castle

Written by Albania News, 5 Aug 2012


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