Afternoon Stroll in Shkoder


Today we strolled around Shkoder in the late afternoon. I always enjoy that time of day in the city for its quietness and calmness. It’s as though everyone is resting, well not as though, it is when everyone is resting from their lunch but, not being used to napping ourselves, we enjoy taking advantage of other people’s reposes from the hustle and bustle.

We made a big loop. Strolled up toward the Bashkia (Municipality) and right to the Migjieni Theater, then behind the theater to a small shopping area where we picked up a few household items. Came back around the Theater and up on Rruga Martin Camaj to a very nice supermarket where we picked up even more goodies. After that we came back toward the Bashkia and went to Bar Restorant Oaz on Rruga Dhjetori Piace. This spot is lovely. The decor is modern and trendy and the location perfect as it overlooks the Bashkia and the new “pedonale”. We sat by the window and enjoyed the glittery view of the lighted Bashkia and palm trees. It was a quiet and lovely spot to have the usual cappuccino, which by the way was delicious!

cafe oaz


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