San Francisco Bar & Restaurant


Tonight we decided to go out for pizza! We could have gone to a fast food pizza place but I was in the mood for a nicer restaurant, one with atmosphere and good prices, thus our choice to go to San Francisco Bar & Restaurant. We had been here before, in the summer, with my sister and some friends and found it very good for the value. The restaurant is situated on the main walking path, the “pedonale”, a stone’s throw from the Colosseo Hotel. It is owned by an Albanian gentleman who lived in San Francisco, hence the name. The fare is Italian along with brick oven pizzas, desserts and good house wines. The music is 1950’s Italian-American, mostly Dean Martin and very relaxing, if you like that type of ambiance. The prices vary but, for two pizzas, one appetizer and half a liter of house wine we paid 1,700 Lek, that’s the equivalent of about $17.00, you can’t beat that!!! Try them out if you’re in town, you won’t be disappointed.


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