Ulcinj, Montenegro

“It looks like Europe…wait…it is!” That’s what I said when I looked at this photo and thought to myself how lucky we were to be here.
2013-06-29 11.39.41

We were actually in Ulcinj, Montenegro. We took a ride over the border last Saturday, June 29th and it was well worth it. Although smaller than Budva, it was still a lovely city to visit for the day and have a leisurely lunch.The day started out early, well earlier, about 9:00 am when we left Shkodra and headed out toward the Montenegro border. We arrived there in about 15 minutes and then waited another 15-20 minutes to pass. Once over the border the road was an easy drive. It’s a fairly new road and traffic was light all the way to Ulcinj.

2013-06-29 10.54.14

We arrived at the Castle around 10:30 am. The Castle sits up on a hilly road, obviously, and from there you get a wonderful view of the coastline. We spent about 45 minutes just walking around and stopping for coffee in one of a number of lovely restaurants inside the castle walls.

2013-06-29 11.31.57


2013-06-29 11.00.24

2013-06-29 11.02.35

After we left the Castle we walked down to the center of town and did some window shopping then went down to the waterfront where we found a decent restaurant and had lunch while enjoying the great view.

2013-06-29 11.39.35

We left the city about 1:30 pm and made it home in no time. By 2:30 pm we were back at the old homestead where we rested some more from our exhausting day!


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