Author Leonora Laçi’s Book Promotion in Shkoder

Today I was proud to show my support for my friend Leonora Laçi on the publication of her two books. The event took place at the Marin Barleti library in Shkoder.  Leonora is a native of Shkoder. She studied at the University of Luigj Gurakuqi in Shkoder receiving a degree in history and later attending the University  of Tirana at the Faculty of History and Philology, receiving her Masters in Political Science in 2015. During her studies she became actively engaged in politics. She began writing opinions for newspapers, both print and online, dealing with historical matters and has been published in: Bota Sot, Gazeta Dielli, Sot, 55, Telegraf, Shqiptarja, and other newspapers and magazine of historic, religious and cultural nature, such as “Jeta Katolike”, “Kuq e Zi”, “Dielli Demokristian”.

She has participated in several political science conferences both at home and abroad. She is Secretary General for the “Trojet e Arbrit” association with its headquarters in Kosovo.

Leonora has proven herself to be a very talented, smart, independent and knowledgeable writer and historian. She has devoted the last few years to the writing of two books:

  1. “Emigracioni Politik Shqiptar Ne Vitet 1944-1955” 
  2. “Veprimtaria e Kolonel Xhemal Lacit (1912-1994) Permes Dokumenteve dhe Kujtimeve”.
  • The first book deals with the political activity of the new Albanian emigration and is focused on the years 1944-1955. Albanian migration, though divided in different parties, tried to join within the National Committee for Free Albania and assumed the role of a government in exile and gathered her most important figures of Albanian nationalism.

  • The second book is in memory to her uncle Col. Xhemal Laçi (1912-1994). The book is a serious study which provides for the first time in detail and relevant scientific context not only the activity of Col. Xhemal Laçi but many aspects of history. Specifically within Company 4000 where, with US support, he helped prepare Albanian paratroopers to land in Albania in an effort to overthrow the communist regime of Enver Hoxha. For 50 years his image was defined as “a traitor of the nation” by the communist dictatorship.  Xhemal Laçi was among those who fled Albania in November 1944 in order to avoid subordination to the communist regime. Col. Xhemal Laçi devoted his life to the national cause of a free and democratic country. This patriot was neglected and deserves greater attention from scholars and historians.

Leonora is to be commended for her great initiative in promoting the efforts of those who had to flee Albania during a horrible time in history and who persevered in exile, fighting, albeit from afar, for a free and democratic Albania.  Their stories are many and they will be told, one by one and they will never be forgotten. They cannot and will not ever be silenced again!



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