Elections Aftermath

What this country saw today, in the aftermath of a one party election, was democracy. Democracy because the election moved forward free and without major incidents. What the country didn’t see today was democracy as we know it; a democracy where more than one party is included in the elections; a democracy where there is discussion among the parties; a democracy of transparency; a democracy of inclusion. We must ask ourselves why? What has brought us to this point?

Everyone knows there is corruption, on both sides. Everyone knows there are drug trafficking problems, on both sides. Everyone knows there is election fraud, on both sides. Everyone knows about the day to day issues involving Albanians in Albania ie: low income, health, unemployment, ecc. But does anyone really, really care? I have listened to the PD for the last 8 months about PM Rama and how he needs to step down. Maybe. But what I didn’t hear from the PD is how they are going to change the country. What are their goals? How are they going to implement them?

Instead of working toward real change they decided to ‘give up’, burn their mandates, thereby leaving the door open for the PS to take over the country. Did they really think that by having protest after protest and chanting ‘Rama Go’ the problem was just going to go away. Of course not. This is not Venezuela. This country is close to opening negotiations with the EU. This country has free trade and travel. This country has tourism. Aside from all the problems we face we also have some good things.

The PD has lost touch. This is not the party of hope anymore. They destroyed any chance they had to maintain their Mayors in cities where they were a stronghold, like Shkodra. Now all cities in Albania have Mayors from the Socialist Party. Every stronghold in the country is Socialist. The only hope left is the Constitutional Court which hasn’t been formed yet, and even in that there is little hope for now.

The PD really needs to take a look at their agenda. Their strategy backfired big time. They never should have burned their mandates. It was a gamble which turned out to be catastrophic as it didn’t leave any voice in Parliament to speak for their constituents and it didn’t leave any choice at the election booth for their followers. They left them out in the cold. Unrepresented. Is this what the Democrat Party is? A party with no message? A party who disenfranchised half the population?

It is time to move forward now and look ahead. It is time for new leadership. It is time to set goals and express what those goals are and how they plan on achieving them. Stop the rhetoric. Stop the slogans. Look to 2021 with open eyes and fresh ideas, new leadership, inclusion and transparency. All democrats out there should demand these things of their party, not just sheepishly follow. Challenge your leaders! Demand a change! Demand new leadership! You will never move forward unless real change is made with real achievable goals. It’s going to be a long two years, and you will most likely have to start from scratch, but you can do it. If you, the Albanian people, set your mind to it you can do anything. This was a setback but it’s not one that can’t be fixed. Together you need to rise up and take charge of your party, take back your country. This is YOUR party, not Basha’s or Berisha’s, YOURS! Make your voices heard! Good or bad this is your country. Don’t let 2021 slip you by!

Bianca Gjomarkaj-Nakovics


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