Speaker of Parliament Meets with Women in Lezha


Speaker of Parliament Jozefina Topalli met with women in the Lezha: “Any woman can reach out and manage to be a successful leader in any field.” Strengthening the role of women in society, politics, economics, but also in businesses was the subject of  the meeting between Speaker Topalli with women and new mothers in the Kallmet municipality of Lezha. By promoting women’s orientation in running various businesses, such as agribusiness, micro or family businesses, Speaker Topalli highlighted the importance of economic empowerment of women, which allows more independence and equality in society. “When a woman runs a business, when as an economically empowered woman she produces more, it helps economic growth, it increases income in the family, she feels more dignity in relation to her friends…every woman feels more independent, and ultimately, we all want to be equal with the rest of society. I would like women to be more powerful economically, to have something that belongs to her and not have anyone say that it’s not the proper image “said the Speaker. “Any woman who can manage it can be a successful leaders in any field.”

She urged increased participation of women not only in business, but in all fields: politics, economy, science, art, culture, etc. “I believe in empowerment of women. I believe that if a wife is empowered. the woman is even stronger, more efficient. I believe that and I want  more women in politics, more women in charge of business, more women in every field, in art, culture, farming, working in the marketing of their farms, leading wineries, etc.. ” she said. Later, the Speaker of Parliament also visited a fair, where they displayed organic products: craft and artistic works made ​​by hand, micro products directed by women. At this fair, Mrs. Topalli stressed the importance of strengthening the promotion of these products inside and outside Albania. The Speaker praised the Kallmetit culture and tradition in the cultivation of local products. Speaker Topalli focused on Albania’s achievements and progress which makes this 100-year jubilee anniversary of the Declaration of Independence even more special. The Speaker also praised the outstanding historical figures of this area: Gjergi Fishta: theologian, writer (poet and prose writer), historian, lecturer and philosopher; Frang Bardhi: historian, writer and philosopher and distinguished poet Ndre Mjeda along with other dignitaries.


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