Albanian President Bujar Nishani Sworn In!

Congratulations Albania!! Newly elected president Bujar Nishani (b.1966) was sworn in today at a ceremony held in the State Assembly. Bujar Nishani joined the Democratic Party of Albania in 1991, after the fall of communism. He worked as chief of foreign relations in the Ministry of Defense and then as head of the office of NATO relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1996 he returned as the cabinet member of the Ministry of Defense.

After the Democratic Party lost the 1997 parliamentary election, he lost the job and became chairman of the NGO for Euro-Atlantic Military.In 2001 he was elected general secretary of the DP’sbranch in Tirana and in 2004 member of the Tirana city council. He won the 2005 election in the 34th electoral zone in the capital against the Minister of Police and Security, Igli Toska. After leading the National Security Parliamentary Commission he was nominated as Minister of the Interior by Prime Minister Sali Berisha and in September 2009, after a second electoral victory he was nominated as Minister of Justice.In 2011 he replaced Lulzim Basha as Minister of the Interior.

On 12 June 2012, after winning the presidential election, Nishani resigned as Minister of Interior.


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