My Aunt Bardha! Princess of Mirdite.


I have been remiss in updating my blog, with good reason. On Tuesday I lost my dear aunt Bardha. She and my uncle Deda were the main reason for our move to Albania, and we sure had hoped to have at least a few years with them both. As it turned out, God had other plans. She suffered a stroke on Sunday, March 10th and was gone on Tuesday, March 19th. I was with her all the way and am glad that we came here to Shkodra when we did. Our original plan was to wait until the spring. Well I am sure glad we didn’t wait and that things worked out in our favor with the move so that at least we were able to spend the holidays and the last four months making her life a little happier, I think, I know she sure made ours richer and fuller with her wit and love. We will miss her dearly and yes, our plan is to remain here in Shkodra and live with my uncle and cousin in the family home.

My friend, Tome Mrijaj, wrote a great article about the life of my aunt in the Albanian paper Tribuna Shiqptare that I would like to share with you “Shuhet pishtarja e lirisë dhe demokracisë antikomunistja Bardha Gjomarku”.

She was a great lady and a true Princess!


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