Shiroke, Shkoder


The rain has stopped!!! For a few days anyway, so we decided to take a ride out to Shiroke. Our first stop was the outskirts of the city, where they built a walking path along the lake. It’s a beautiful spot, although in my opinion the walkway should have been built higher than the water level. Shkoder tends to flood during the rainy season and needless to say a large portion of the path was under water, too bad, still we walked part of it and were able to enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains.

Lake Apr 6

Our next stop was Shiroke, a small town on the lake, across from Shkoder, but still within its city limits. Shiroke is well known for fish and great restaurants along its shore. The area is stunning and again, in my opinion, Shkodra is missing the mark with this spot. There is so much potential here and possibility for tourism but for some reason the powers that be are slow in getting it going. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will witness a revival of this area. In the meantime we are enjoying its quietness and natural beauty!




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