A Day with Dr. Nikoll Toma


On Saturday July 5, I spent the morning in Tirana, Albania’s capital with my cousins Eda and Imelda Toma. Their father, Dr. Nikoll Toma is a historian and has written several books, with the main focus on the region of Mirdite. The event which I attended was for the launching of his latest book “Parlamentaret e Mirdites Ne Njenqind Vjet Shtet” (Parlamentarians from Mirdite of the last 100 years). I was invited to the event by my cousin Eda, but was not aware of exactly what the book was about because I did not have a chance to speak with her in length about it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my grandfather, Gjon Markagjoni, my uncle Mark Gjomarkaj and my cousin Gjon Gjomarkaj were included in this book.

 20140913_143433 20140913_143406


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