A Bat You Say?!

Something funny happened on the way to the Forum….well more like the supermarket. It seems everyone is getting a kick out of my traumatic morning here in Shkodra so I will pass it on and you can be the judge.

I left the house this morning and merrily got on my way to do some grocery shopping. I usually walk along the main road toward the statue of Isa Bulletin aka Albanian hero. As I approached the roundabout I felt something on my right shoulder. I reached over with my right hand and didn’t feel anything, ‘odd’ I thought, but, oh well kept on walking. About five seconds later I felt it again and thought there must be a critter that crawled in from the trees or something, it’s not unusual for a spider or some other small critter to get in your clothes right? I reached over again and this time felt a mushy, chunky something or other. At this point I panicked ever so slightly and silently thought “What the ….. is that?”.

I fumbled some more with the collar of my blouse and felt it even more, I quickly turned the collar over to try and get whatever was hidden in there to drop to the ground and lo and behold…a BAT just flew out into the open sky, a ‘A Bat out of Hell’ I thought in shock and disbelief.

I stood there frozen and just stared at it fly into the sunlight. How the heck did I not feel that when I put on my blouse? I didn’t even have time to really freak out, I was just in shock. No, I didn’t get bit and there are no scratches or wounds of any kind. Just a friggin bat flying out of my shirt. All I could think of was ‘thank the Lord’ I had my hair up and not lose on my shoulders, I can just imagine how that would have gone!

How did I get a bat in my shirt you may wonder. Well, Albania is chuck full of them, they fly around on our property by the dozens in the evening and quite a few times they have gotten into the house. I suppose one got in unnoticed and just went to sleep in our bedroom, in my shirt!

Moral of the story…..shake out your clothes before you put them on and if a bat flies out, well, just look at it in shock and disbelief, open a window and let him out!

Like a bat out of Hell
I’ll be gone when the morning comes
But when the day is done
And the sun goes down
And the moonlight’s shinin’ through

Then like a sinner
Before the gates of Heaven
I’ll come crawlin’ on back to you

I sure hope NOT!!!



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