Mirdita Dera e Gjomarkut Kanuni nga Ndue Gjon Marku

Sot unë kam botuar librin e babait tim për herë të dytë. Ai së pari botoi këtë libër në vitin 2002 dhe pas 14 vitesh unë ndjeva se ishte e rëndësishme që të publikojë atë përsëri. Ky liber ka ne fokus te tij, gjenezen e Kapidaneve te Mirdites, si dhe disa saktesime mbi kanunin e Mirdites sipas Ndue Gjomarkut, pa harruar dhe ngjarje kulmore historike te cilat jane domethenese per fatin e Mirdites dhe te shqiptareve. Duke perfshire nje periudhe kohore disa shekullore. Për të blerë librin, ju lutem klikoni në imazhin e librit.

Today I re-published my father’s book. It was first published in 2002 and after 14 years I felt it was very important to publish it again with a wider distribution. The book focuses on the Kapidanis of Mirdita and the impact of the Kanun on the region over a period of several centuries. The book emphasizes a number of historical milestones of the Gjomarkaj household mainly concentrating on the Markagjoni branch (my grandfather, father and uncles). I hope to have it published in English within the year.

For a preview of the book please follow this link

Book Preview

The book is in Albanian and may be purchased through Amazon at the link below.

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEMirdita Dera e Gjomarkut Kanuni



2015 in review

WOW!! We had a great year on Discovering Albania, couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you for reading my blog!!!

Happy New Year 2016 –Gezuar Vitin e Ri 2016!!


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

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Christmas in Shkoder!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 from Shkoder!


20151216_192406This year the city has really outdone itself! The pedonale by St. Stephen’s Cathedral is completed and a beautiful Christmas Tree and Manger scene are on display, the first ever!

xmas2015 b20151216_193531

xmas2015fThe pedonale in the center of the city is fully decorated and stands were erected for vendors to display and sell their wares.

20151216_211520The annual Christmas Tree was put up in the center’s main square and the city outdid itself this year. Also the lights decorating the historic district really light up the streets.20151216_192543All in all the city is in full swing for the holidays!




St. Nicholas Day 2015


Following is the original post I posted 3 years ago, our first St. Nicholas here in Albania St Nicholas 2012.

Much has changed since then with the passing of my aunt Bardha who was instrumental in our indoctrination to the customs of this day and the passing of my uncle Dede earlier this year.

Therefore, I have decided to change our celebration. Since we are not so much into ‘sacrificing’ a live chicken I have taken the easy way out by just buying a nice, frozen kilo of chicken fillets, which I have cooked a l’Italiana and not so much in the traditional Albanian method of roasting it with potatoes. Chicken is chicken after all so why not mix it up a bit, especially if you’re not too keen on actually killing a live chicken.

My dinner was pretty delicious: tortelli with panna, chicken scaloppine in a smooth lemon/wine sauce with mushrooms, steamed fava beans drizzled with butter and a nice bottle of Montepulcino d’Abbruzzo, some warm Italian bread drizzled with olive oil and to finish it off a delicious, traditional Albanian dessert: Tres Leches topped with Carmel.

st nick1st nick

 Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone!

Liberation Day?

Independence Day

Yesterday was Liberation Day in Albania and I was prompted to post what follows below on my Facebook page because I believe it is important for people, especially the youth of Albania, to be well informed on their history and not just to follow the masses in celebrating and believing what is being told them through schools, media, government et al. It is just my small contribution in the hopes of developing a real discussion of the events that took place, not only on November 29, 1944 but the few years leading up to it and following it.

The photos posted here on the foreground of the Albanian flag are of my family. In the upper right is a six photo collage. Starting from the top left: my uncle Kapidan Mark Markagjoni, my grandfather Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni, my father Kapidan Ndue Markagjoni, my uncle Kapidan Ded Markagjoni, my uncle Kapidan Nikoll Markagjoni and my uncle Sander Markagjoni.

The color collage represents the children of my uncles Mark and Nikoll and myself with my three siblings (children of Ndue). Why post these photos? Because as you will read in the post that follows, four of the men in the photo were instrumental in the fight against Communism during the 1940’s. Two of which lost their lives fighting in the mountains of Mirdite; Mark and Sander, at the peak of their lives. Mark was 33 and Sander was 28.

We, the children, and my uncle Nikoll are what remains of the Markagjoni family, the direct descendants of our forefathers. It is sad and distressful, not to mention dishonest, that their story has and is being carefully buried in Albania’s history.

If you are interested in reading more about the truth and about my family’s role in Albania’s history please visit my webpage at Gjon Markagjoni.

Text from FB:

“November 29, 1944 – Liberation Day? This is a day that many in Albania consider their Liberation Day, liberation from the Nazi forces that had invaded Albania during WWII. However, this day also represents the day Communism won in Albania. As the Partisan forces of Enver Hoxha overpowered the Nationalist forces the likes of ‘Balli Kombetar’, ‘Legaliteti’, ‘League of Shkodra’, ‘National Group Independent’ and ‘National Front’ let us not forget the men who fought and died fighting the ‘red beast’ that was to take over this country and succumb it to misery, horror, dishonor and travesty for the next 50 years! Let us not forget the brave men of Mirdite and the north of Albania, the likes of Kap. Gjon Markagjoni, Kap. Mark Markagjoni, Kap. Llesh Markagjoni, Kap. Ndue Markagjoni, Mit’hat Frasheri, Abaz Kupi and many, many more who tried with all their might, strength and honor to preserve and defend the democratic values and freedoms of the people of their beloved Albania from enslavement by the internationalist proletariat who wanted a world without God. This was the “Black Night” that engulfed all of Albania on November 29, 1944. This should be remembered! Not the liberation from one evil which led to the destruction of a country by a far greater evil Communism!”